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Judge A Realtor By Their Shoes?

When I became a Realtor years ago I am embarrassed to say I worried that I would need an elegant wardrobe and expensive shoes to fit the image of a Realtor. (The higher the priced home the higher the heel?)

After having my high heeled designer shoes sucked off by mud at a construction site and heels damaged on stairs, wooden decks and driving my clients on tour, I quickly learned that practical shoes rule. My shoes can tell the story a Realtor's work.

My shoes work tirelessly for me - as I work hard for my clients. A worn pair of shoes on a Realtor? It is a sign that at least they are not afraid of working hard to get the job done. It may be the Realtor you want in your corner when buying or selling.

Buying or Selling? Let me tell you how I can work hard for you.

#Shoes #realtor

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