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Northwest of Georgetown University, this largely residential area has a smattering of stores and restaurants. It hosts a July 4th parade a la Mayberry but is also home to some high quality restaurants and retail stores....hence the reference to it as "a small town in a big city". The area's homes represent a variety of styles such as Bungalows, Cape Cods, Colonials and Contemporaries - many built in the early 20th century. The median sales price is over one million dollars. Over half of its residents have advanced degrees and can be considered "urban sophisticates".When asked about their neighborhood, people remark about a sense of loyalty and neighborhood pride. Although there is no Metro station, it is well served by bus lines and is close proximity to the Key Bridge, George Washington Parkway, Georgetown and Bethesda. Most residents own a car.

Where is Palisades Located?

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