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Kalorama - Greek for "beautiful view" was fully developed by 1931. This means there is a high concentration of historic homes here. The median home price here is $568,000. There is a high percentage of executives, managers and professionals who live here. Over 90% of residents have at least a college degree. Neighborhood Scout calls its neighbors "urban sophisticates" with interests in music, literature, live theater and the arts. Kalorama is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in DC and many residents find their commute to DC via public transportation and a short commute. It is full of single-family homes that average about 4,000 SF in size and sit on large pieces of land and it has row houses and a high concentration of large apartment buildings. Styles range from Arts and Crafts, ornate Beaux Arts, Mediterranean, and Revivals. Kalorama is full of diplomats, prominent DC professionals and young families.

Where is Kalorama Located?

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