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Georgetown is the symbol of Old Washington -- upper class socialites and politicos living in mansions.  It is also a place for serious shopping, Georgetown University and an endless amount of crowds and traffic.  Just beyond the shopping area, it has beautiful, quiet streets lined with row houses (big and small).  The median real estate price is $1,120,000.  Many of the residences are relatively historic, built no later than 1939 and many much earlier.  This is one of the wealthiest communities in the nation.  Many residents walk to work, and only 75% own cars (which may also be due to the fact that only 17% of properties have off-street or garage parking).  44% of the homes are row houses.  Georgetown became fashionable in the 1950's when John F. Kennedy lived there as a congressman and senator.  Location in Georgetown is largely defined by whether you live east of Wisconsin Avenue (East Village) or west (West Village). Many of these homes are more than 200 years old and vary in size and style from Victorian to Colonial.  Scattered around the neighborhood are a few condo developments.  With its walkable streets and peaceful atmosphere near the heart of the city prices are very steep.  There is no Metro station and that can make the neighborhood feel isolated from the rest of the city.  There is a well served Circulator Bus and for drivers, the area is near I-66, GW Parkway and 50.

Where is Georgetown Located?

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