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1985 was a great year.  My daughter, Jeri, was born, I put an offer in to buy a new house and I decided to become a Realtor.  Some of the best decisions I ever made.  
My first house, which my husband and I bought in 1976, was "not" a good decision.  The agent railroaded us into buying it (we had only seen three properties), said we had to pay full price, said that we should not have an inspection, and that there were no other houses to be seen in our price range. 
After we moved in we discovered that the neighbor had roosters (good morning!), the plumbing in the addition was not insulated and froze in cold weather, there was a leak in the upper floor bathroom that required extensive plumbing, and the window unit air conditioners blocked the sunlight and spiked our electric bills,  Did I mention the kitchen was redone in bright orange and green and that every room had a different wallpaper color and design which we thought we could easily remove?  Thank goodness we had some vision as to what the sturdy brick colonial could become.
  This, obviously, was before the internet and the wealth of information and tools buyers have at their fingertips.  I became really skilled at connecting my friends with great homes, as I was determined that no one should make the same mistake we did.  Eventually I decided to make a career of real estate.  That's when I had the "aha" moment that real estate is not so much about houses but about people.  I learn so much from my clients with each transaction and I know that I help empower people to make the right decisions. 

About Elley

Giulianna & Alan,

Silver Spring

We were looking for a house for a while, without a clear view of what we really wanted. Then we met Elley. Elley listened well, was attentive to our needs and strived to understand our likes and dislikes. We didn’t feel rushed, nor were her opinions about each home we viewed anything less that 100% sincere. When we found the right home, Elley negotiated for us and helped made the process easy and smooth. She knows the MC neighborhoods pretty well, besides she has a vast knowledge of market analysis, contractors, financial options and more. We feel fortunate to have had Elley as our realtor and we will use her services again when the opportunity arises

D&D, North Bethesda

Our experience working with Elley Kott was outstanding. She guided us throughout what seemed to us an overwhelming process beginning with decluttering our home, to finding the perfect condo. Along the way, she encouraged us, congratulated us and helped us appreciate the value of a professional realtor. We would highly recommend her and Long & Foster

Phil & Dana, Silver Spring

Elley always has her client's best interest in mind. She is one step ahead in the detailed and sometimes complicated process of buying a new home. She helped us navigate the overwhelming ins and outs of purchasing a home that was a foreclosure. She pushed the bank to get a plumbing issue resolved and refused to take no for an answer when they said it was fixed, even though it really wasn't. We got what we wanted because she wanted the best for us. A client-realtor relationship can't get better than that!

Dina & Alan, N. Bethesda

Elley Kott showed us the condo that we purchased on our very first day of house hunting and we could not be happier with our new home.   She gave us excellent advice regarding the bidding strategy, mortgage process, resources in the area, and planning for renovation.  She even guided us successfully when a last-minute glitch threatened to delay our closing.  We recommend Elley Kott to others who can benefit from her knowledge, professionalism, experience, and attention to details.

Gerald & Ulonda,

Chevy Chase

Elley Kott began working with us approximately 18 months before our home went up for sale.  She helped us to declutter by identifying the furniture and other items that needed to be stored or deposed of before selling our house. Elley also suggested needed upgrades and repairs.  Checking with us regularly, she helped us to keep on track with our long term goal of relocating even when we sometimes wavered in leaving our home of 27 years. When we finally reached the point of placing our home on the market, she walked us through the process to ensure that not only the house was ready for sale but that emotionally we were also ready.  As a result of her professional guidance, our home went on the market on a Thursday and by the following Saturday we had a negotiated contract that guaranteed our agreement.Receiving Elley’s on-going consultation, we went to settlement with a great outcome.  We highly recommend Elley Kott as a professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate agent while remaining a really nice person in the process.

Dina & Alan, N. Bethesda

Elley Kott provided us excellent personal service in the sale of my home.  I would definitely retain her services in the future

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